Seniors shine as Pirates make quick work of the Red Storm

By: Mikael Mogues

South Orange—Pirates sweep the Red Storm of St. Johns in three sets Saturday, with all eyes on Tessa Fournier and Dani Schroder leading the way.

The Pirates took the first set 17-25, having the lead the entire set. Set two and three were closer finishing 22-25 in the second and 23-25 in the third. An Anti-climactic ending, coming in the form of a St. Johns Attack error, the pirates sealed the deal, ending the 2016 regular season.

In addition, it was senior day at Walsh Gym, where Seton Hall Athletics honored both Fournier and Schroder for their contribution the last four years to the team.   “Getting a chance to have my whole family here was really the best part,” Fournier said. “My last game here really happy that we got the win and that we can keep playing.”

The Pirates had a lot going for them heading into this match, a chance to clinch the fourth and final spot in the Big East tournament, with help from Creighton if they beat Villanova, according to team officials.

Confident in Creighton’s victory against Villanova, knowing that Creighton has only lost one set all year; the chances were in the Pirates favor. It came as no surprise that the bags were being packed for Indianapolis.

Being the last game at Walsh gym, Schroder comments, “I’m going to miss the fans the most (at Walsh), you guys are the best,” Schroder said.

Post-game festivities followed the victory as both Fournier and Schroder were honored with there families both in attendance.

“This is a big win especially going into the tournament, it only builds the confidence coming into this weekend if we make it,” Fournier said.




Note: Post print

-Source: Big East; Fournier was named Big East player of the week after her performance against St Johns.

–   Pirates clinch a playoff berth with the Villanova losing to Creighton Sunday. This clinch marks the second playoff berth for the team in the last four years. The Pirates will face Creighton Friday, November 25. Match Scheduled for 12:35 pm ET.


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