Transfer numbers show players leaving Big East Conference in 2016

Seton Hall guard Madison Jones during his time at Wake Forest. Courtesy of USA Today Sports

By Sean Saint Jacques

All conferences in college basketball deal with players coming and going via a transfer. The Big East is no different, but heading into this season more players are left than stayed in the conference. contacted 351 Division I coaches to calculate how many players from each conference left their school heading into this season. They found that 16 players left the Big East to attend another school and only 11 came in from other conferences to play in the 10 team league.

Some of the notables include Paul White leaving Georgetown, Junior Lomomba leaving Providence and Tommy Hamilton IV leaving DePaul to name a few.

White played in 33 games as a freshman, but then was injured as a sophomore last season before deciding to leave.

Lomomba was a key role player on a Providence team that made the NCAA Tournament last season while averaging 28 minute per game and Hamilton averaged 8.8 points and 5.2 rebounds per game during his time in Rosemont with DePaul.

Notable players who have come in through transfer and made an impact include Marquette’s Katin Reinhardt, Seton Hall’s Madison Jones and Georgetown’s Rodney Pryor.

Reinhardt is averaging 8.8 points and three rebounds a game in the early season while Jones has put up 4.8 points and 3.8 assists per game through six games for the Pirates.

The transfer who has made the biggest impact has been Pryor for the Hoyas who is averaging 19.1 points and five rebounds heading into Wednesday.

In their piece on transfers, mentioned that when they first started keeping track of transfers nearly a decade ago roughly 200 players were transferring from schools in Division I college basketball. Last season, more than 700 players transferred out of their programs.

According to, 808 players left their current schools to transfer in college basketball this season. That includes just Division I hoops in 2016-17 and does not take into account Division II and Division III schools although some of the players involved did transfer from Division I schools to Division II or III institutions.

Players leave schools for a number of different reasons, but it is clear that the numbers are trending upward across the board and in the Big East. The Big East took a loss in the transfer market this season. However, with three teams ranked in the top 10 this week and continued solid play this season, the league could end up getting talented players to transfer to the conference. In a league that produced a national champion last season, the future for the league is bright as long as they can hang on to its quality players.


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