EPL Dream on a South Orange Team

By Khadeem McLean

New country, different schools, same sport equals no problem for Seton Hall transfer student athlete.

It isn’t uncommon for student athletes to transfer universities; in fact it’s a regular occurrence. Along the journey of transferring come adjustments, new opportunity and a breath of fresh air for these student athletes but none as uncommon than that of this new Seton Hall Men’s socc
er player. Prior to the start of their 2016 training camp Seton Hall’s men’s soccer program received an unusual yet overwhelmingly welcomed boost to the roster. The boost came in the form of one Jordan Kinoshi.

Kinoshi’s journey is far removed from the ever-common transfer due to lack of playing time, it is about a 5,575-mile difference actually. Kinoshi isn’t just new to Seton Hall he is new to this country. The sophomore is an England national of Welwyn Garden City, England to be exact.

“Growing up in England a futbol is placed at the foot of every kid, for me it was no different,” said Kinoshi “I can’t remember there being a time I didn’t have futbol on my mind.”

While in England Kinoshi took the necessary steps every English footballer takes in hopes of one day making it to the best soccer leagues in the world the English Premier League. As a youngster he played for England’s U-13 (under 13) national team where he received the MVP and Golden Boot Trophy. Kinoshi moved to the U-14 national team where he would record 158 goals a record that still stands today.

One would say Jordan was well on his way to achieving his goal of playing in the EPL one day. Why would he leave what sounded like a sure thing for a country where soccer isn’t even considered a top 4 sport?

“I figured every futbol player back home is doing the same thing to try and get to the same place, why not try a different route,” said Kinoshi

Prior to joining Seton Hall as a sophomore Jordan played his freshmen year of soccer at Monroe College where he tallied seven goals and four assists. After and impressive freshmen season he sought an even better opportunity, and off to South Orange, NJ he was.

“For a player who has only lived in this country for two years, I couldn’t ask for more from him,” said Seton Hall Men’s Soccer coach Gerson Echeverry. “The kid has been a breath of fresh air to our team. His character and the energy he brings everyday makes him a likeable guy and you need players like that in your locker room — it doesn’t hurt that he’s a talented player either,” laughed Echeverry.

Kinoshi made a huge sacrifice by deciding to go the non-traditional route. He left his family behind in England in pursuit of his professional dreams. “Making the transition was a tough decision,” said Kinoshi. He also went on to say “I think about it like preparing myself for the professional world of soccer­—obviously I’m not getting paid but having to adjust to a new country with soccer still being the main goal is as close as you can get without actually having the professional label.”

As we are in the middle of Seton Hall’s season Jordan has been a contributing factor to the team scoring 4 goals thus far. “I want to leave my stamp at Seton Hall, I want to be able to represent Seton Hall when I begin my professional career similar to Sacha Kljestan,” said Kinoshi. Kljestan is a former Seton Hall soccer player who now plays for the New York Red Bull and the U.S. National team.

Kinoshi promised not to waste the opportunity he has created for himself and he vows to go onto bigger and better things once he leaves the Hall. “Hopefully you will see me back home in the EPL representing Seton Hall to the fullest.”



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