Tara Inman finds ways to impact team off the corut

Corey A. Thomas

South Orange, NJ – It’s a new basketball season at Seton Hall University.

With a new season comes new players, and new challenges. This is especially true for the Women’s basketball team as this year their roster comprises of 8 freshman. There is no doubt that is year’s Pirate team is very young and inexperienced. Which is why having a senior guard like Tara Inman is important

Tara is one of only two seniors on the roster who have experience playing postseason basketball. Her knowledge of the game and experience will play a fundamental role in the development of this young team.

Tara’s biggest challenge will be leading her team from the sidelines.

“There are so many freshman on this team and it’s really important that I cheer them on and let them know what they can improve on,” Tara Inman said. “Especially this year since I can’t practice and be on the court.”

Tara is recovering from a torn ACL which she suffered during last season’s victory over Rutgers. Since, Tara has been rehabbing and focusing on getting back on the court.

Inman has been the Pirates’ defensive specialists since arriving at Seton Hall back in 2013. She has played critical roles in late game situations for the Pirates. Most notable was when Inman made a pair of critical late game defensive stops, finishing with a rebound and a steal in a win at Xavier back in January of 2014.

Having to adjust to watching from the sidelines is not easy for any player especially when it is due to an injury. There is only so much a player can do from the bench.

“It’s definitely different being on the court and playing and being on the bench,” Inman said. “But when I’m on the bench I see a lot more about the game that I don’t see when I am playing.”

“Having that different viewpoint makes it a lot easier to communicate with other players and let them know what going on than.”

Not having Inman on the court hurts the Pirates, especially for the young guards. Coach Anthony Bozzella needs experience in the backcourt to help develop the young squad.

“It’s hard to play without Tara,” Coach Bozzella said. “Especially because of her postseason experience as a starter during the WNIT.” “We need more of her leadership on the court but she has been working really hard to have a presence with the team.”




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