German native Julian Spindler recounts his experiences as a Seton Hall Pirate

Corey A. Thomas

South Orange, NJ – 3821 miles.

That’s how far Julian Spindler, Seton Hall goalkeeper, is away from home.

Imagine having to go to another country and lives there for extended periods of time. Adjusting to a new environment is not easy task, and everyone approaches it differently. No one knows that better than Julian, who hails from Weiersbach, Germany

“I’ve never been to the U.S. before coming to Seton Hall,” Julian smiled. “It was definitely an adjustment at first, but the biggest change was the culture, I was so used to good German food, then I come here and….it’s different.”

Prior to joining the Pirates in 2013, Julian played for FC Kaiserslautern, a German football club, from 2005-11, playing in the club’s U13-U18 division. He then transferred to FC Saarbrücken U19 club team from 2011-12.

Originally, Julian didn’t have any plans to come to the U.S. to play soccer. It’s was only after coach Gerson Echeverry’s visit to Julian’s home that his interest of playing ball and going to school overseas. Julian came to Seton Hall to continue playing soccer and seek out a degree in finance and economics.

“Coach felt like a very open and honest guy when I met him,” Spindler said. “That’s what very important to me, and I prefer that over having a huge facility.”

During his four years at Seton Hall, Julian has progressed his skills on the field. As a senior Julian feels that he finally a complete goal keeper after improving his ability to cross, feet movement, and assessing the game before him.

“Julian had an off year last season due to his summer internship,” coach Echeverry said. “He wasn’t really able to get out on the field as much, but he still managed to comeback more focused this year and improved, especially his ability to read the game better.”

“As the years went on Julian became more vocal,” coach Echeverry said “This past spring and all through summer he has taken a bigger leadership after becoming a captain last year.”

Moving from a small town in Germany to South Orange, 45 min train ride away from New York City, allowed Spindler to become more cultured as he was able to meet new people and try new things.

“The fact that this school had great coaches, staffs and people was the big reason why I came to Seton Hall,” Julian Spindler said.


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